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ABU Garcia Sölv AG3

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    ABU Garcia Sölv AG3 - a part of the brand new concept that has been especially designed for the specialized seatrout anglers.

    The whole range has been developed with the best seatrout anglers around Europe, resulting in the best possible rods for targeting seatrout.

    The rods are all finished with the best quality SeaGuide components to ensures that the rods will be sensitive but as well as durable as possible.

    The lightweight 30T carbon blanks are sensitive but also very responsive and are especially designed to give the best possible casting properties but as well have enough flex to make sure you will not drop the fish of a lifetime.

    Ultra-light and slim blank
    High Modulus carbon(30T) used for quick response and sensitivity
    Blank actions especially designed for extra far casting and enough flex to minimize fish dropping hooks
    Super light stainless steel SeaGuide guides
    Ergonomic touch-blank SeaGuide reel seat for extra sensitivity
    2 pc

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    Hersteller: ABU Garcia
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