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WESTIN W3 Trolling 8,6 fot -60/180 g

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WESTIN W3 Trolling - Unlike conventional trolling and downrigger rods these W3 trolling rods are designed specifically for trolling large lures and targeting big freshwater predators like pike, zander and muskies.

These rods are ready to set the hooks even if the lures are swimming far from the boat.

W3 Trolling rods will also handle live bait, line-mounted side planners or other tactics used for modern predator trolling. Besides superb fittings and the Torayca® High Performance Carbon blank W3 Trolling also features the special design Comfort Cross Gimbal (CCG).

When fighting a fish the CCG feels like a normal rubber butt cap, but the CCG will fit in and stabilize the rod when placed in a fighting belt or cross type rod holder.

Reel Seat: DPS
Guides: N Type TS ring
Blank: Torayca® High Performance Carbon for superior action
Special design Comfort Cross Gimbal (CCG)
Premium grade EVA handle
Reinforced with Kevlar Carbon
2 pc
Hersteller: WESTIN
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