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Daiwa Ballistic X Seatrout 10,1 fot -10/40 g

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Daiwa Ballistic X Seatrout - The blanks of the Ballistic X Sea Trout, specially developed for sea and lake trout fishing, charge up very well at casting weights of 10g and above and carry coastal turn signals and wobblers to excellent casting distances.

In the drill, the fast blanks are converted into a semi-parabolic action and parry the escapes and headstrikes of powerful salmonids. The V-Joint connector ensures a very even bending curve under load.

The well-balanced HVF carbon fiber blanks are very handy, react quickly during the fight and offer very long and precise casts thanks to their X45 carbon fiber construction and the Fuji O-guides.

The Ballistic X spinning rods are equipped with Fuji DPS reel seat and Fuji O-guides, so you get premium quality for an outstanding price-performance ratio.

HVF® carbon fiber blank
X45® carbon fiber construction
V-Joint® put-over joint
Premium EVA handle
Fuji® reel seat
Fuji® O-guides
Hersteller: Daiwa
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