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A.Jensen SH Pro Series Shooting Head - SPECIALIST - Floating / class 7 - 6,8 meter

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A.Jensen SH Pro Series Shooting Head - SPECIALIST - Our new range of Specialized single hand shooting heads.

The SPECIALIST head is for those places with very little space for the back cast, or when fishing in hard windy conditions. Classic situations is when you fish in front of a cliff, a steep hill or trees.

This is also the head to use if the wind comes from a angle that brings a normal shooting head too close to your own head when casting or even when fishing i direct head wind.

It is also perfect for situations where you want to fish off a stretch of water close to shore.

The head is rather compact with a steep front taper, that will help making good turnovers even in crazy winds.

It is 6,8 m long and comes in floating (Light Sky blue) and Intermediate (Semi Clear - meaning clear coating on a white dacron core).

The lines have our new super slim welded loops in both ends and the line specs are printed on the coating to identify the line.
Hersteller: A Jensen
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