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A.Jensen SH Pro Series Shooting Head - PRESENTATION - Floating / class 7 - 9,0 meter

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A.Jensen SH Pro Series Shooting Head - Our new range of Specialized single hand shooting heads.

The PRESENTATION head is for those days with no wind, where you need a subtle presentation of a small fly on a flat surface, maybe even in shallow water. In other words for those days where you "Stealth Fishing" is the rule of the day in order to succeed.

The head has a long front taper that will ensure that delicate landing on the water and subtle presentation of the fly.

It is 9,0 m long and comes in floating (Light Sky blue) and Intermediate (Semi Clear - meaning clear coating on a white dacron core).

The lines have our new super slim welded loops in both ends and the line specs are printed on the coating to identify the line.
Hersteller: A Jensen
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