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Savage Gear SG10 BC 250

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  • Savage Gear SG10 BC 250 - Introducing the best of Savage Gear's technology and innovation, our leading lure reel is called the SG10.

    It is full of ideas and innovations to help you achieve your fishing goals.

    In addition to the obvious impressive features, such as 10 + 1 stainless steel ball bearings, machined gear, DuraGrease and aluminum frame + housing (super strong and rigid), the real highlight of this SG10 BC is the external centrifugal brake.

    This brake facilitates casting and especially the fight against large fish, increases the casting distance and reduces casting problems in strong winds.

    • EDP painted aluminium frame and side plates
    • Non-loss tension knob
    • Separate stainless reel seat on size 250
    • External centrifugal brake
    • DuraGrease
    • 9+1 steel ball bearings (including two ARB Japanese BB)
    • Carbon handle knob
    • A7075 hard anodized worm shaft
    • Two different gear ratios available
    • Line-ID
    • Hinged side plate on the size 100
    • Weight: 188 g
    • Linecap: 180 meter / 0,25 mm

    • Model: Lethand version

    Gearing: 6.6.:1 or 8.1:1
    Hersteller: Savage Gear
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