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WESTIN DANNY THE DUCK 8 cm/10 g - Yellow

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WESTIN DANNY THE DUCK - Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Actually, it is a bird? of the quacky variety.

Danny the Duck is here and he's out to survive in a fish-eat-bird world. It's well known that pike, musky and bass all take a fancy to spring time ducklings when they get the chance and now you can offer that meal thanks to this impressive Westin lure that took a full two years to develop.

It is designed to be fished very shallow and close to the surface and with the rod tip held high you can ensure he breaks the surface. The 'Westin roll' that Danny struts took a long time to perfect, but the end result is something very impressive. Available in several realistic colour variations and one insane firetiger version - Danny is set to become your secret weapon when pike fishing. Just add your own duck quacking sounds!

Material: ABS plastic
Lead free
Japanese-style #1/0 carbon steel hooks
Running depth: 1,5-2m
Full wire-through-body construction
Spare feets included
Hand painted detailed colors
Hersteller: WESTIN
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